Slotted-type boxes 0200

Slotted-type cardboard boxes consist of basically one piece of corrugated board with a glued, stitched or taped manufacturer's joint and top and bottom flaps. They are shipped flat (knocked down), ready to use and require closing using the flaps provided. The bottom of the box requires sealing before use and is easily sealed with adhesive packaging tape, carton box sealer, hot melt adhesive or staples.

These corrugated containers do not require a cutting form and can be manufactured quickly, making the one of the most cost effective storage, shipment and packaging products.

Key styles:

FEFCO code 0200 is a cardboard box that is open at the top with flaps at the bottom that can be sealed with packing tape to provide a bottom for storage. This FEFCO style is often used along with FEFCO code 0422 for use as a box lid.

FEFCO 0201 is the ubiquitous cardboard box seen almost everywhere, bought flat-packed, it is used extensively for storage, packing and transportation.

FEFCO code 0203 is the same as 0201 but with flaps that cover the base and top completely, known as a full overlap box. This gives extra strength to the cardboard box when assembled for heavy-weight product packaging needs.