Corrugated cardboard and transport packaging and production of "Balkanpak"

The first attempts and patents for the use of corrugated paper were recorded in 1856 by the British Hill and Allen, who put corrugated paper in women's hats to keep fit. However, for birthday of corrugated cardboard can be accepted in 1871 when American A. Jones received a patent for corrugated cardboard packaging bottles. He has produced corrugated cardboard so used to this day - pre-moistened paper passes through two heated fever corrugated shaft. The first double-layer corrugated board is produced in 1874 and the beginning of the industrial production of corrugated cardboard can be accept the year 1882 and is organized by R. Thompson.
Company "Balkanpak" - Ltd was established in 2003 in the city of Kazanlak and to extend its activities in early 2008 company purchased and put into operation a new plant for production of two-, three-and five-layers corrugated cardboard, which is known for its very popular corrugated name.

Advantages of corrugated cardboard and packaging thereof

  1. The packaging of corrugated cardboard are about 3 times lighter than an equal volume of packaging made from wood.
  2. They have very good security features for packaged goods, and depreciated by taking multiple hits and bumps during transport due to the corrugated layer.
  3. Transport packaging made of corrugated cardboard, create excellent conditions for easy packing and unpacking good, transportation and presentation of the client.
  4. They are suitable for handling, mechanization of loading and unloading operations. They are well paletezirat and konteynezirat.
  5. The production of packaging, packaging components and products from corrugated cardboard and cardboard itself is accompanied by very high degree of mechanization and automation with very high productivity and high quality.
  6. The packaging of corrugated cardboard have a good appearance can be painted in different colors.
  7. All containers of corrugated cardboard is recyclable for environmental protection and energy saving.


Starting materials for the receipt of corrugated cardboard packaging and transport

Corrugated cardboard is corrugated and flat layers, the basic materials are paper and paperboard. In addition they used a number of other materials such as adhesives, wire stitching, different types of paints and printing inks, plastic film, chemicals for imparting special properties of corrugated board and packaging (waterproof, flame-retardant, etc.).. Adhesive to obtain a corrugated cardboard is made based on corn starch, which is completely harmless and allows packaging of corrugated cardboard to be used for food packaging and food. Main types of paper and fluting smooth layers of corrugated board used in the company are:

  • Kraftliner
  • Testliner
  • White, Testliner
  • Fluting
  • Shrenze


Manufacture of corrugated cardboard from "Balkanpak" Ltd. and transport packages
Corrugated cardboard is made of corrugated unit, working with paper width 165 cm, 185 cm, 210 cm; quality

"Е" - flute; "В" - flute; "С" - flute - Two-layered
"Е" - flute; "В" - flute; "С" - flute - Three-layered
"ЕС - flute; "ВС" - flute; "ЕВ" - flute - Five-layered

Packages are produced in processing machines: four color, three color, two-color slogeri, punching machines, tailors machines glue machines Ritz - scourge machines flatiron and stretch - machines and others. Transport packaging made from corrugated cardboard meet the requirements of BDS 9254-80